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Clash of Clans or ClashRoyale: what’s the best?

A questionthatoftenisdiscussed in the forumsasSupercellFanor social networks iswhatis the best game betweenClash of Clans and Clash Royale Strategy and Decks. Bothhavebeencreated by Supercell, allowyou to play multiplayer with otherrealplayers, and theybothfellinto the range of strategic games on Supercellfan.

Let’sanalyze the 2 games beforewe can make a definitive verdict on what’s the best.

Clash of Clans

It’s the oldest game between the two, and in the last yearitleft the first place in the Play Storerankings to itsClashRoyaledescendant.

Clash of Clansis a realmasterpiecethathasrevolutionized the world of strategicgamingplatforms. You must upgrade the defenses of the village and the army’s offensive strength to collaborate with clanmates in a war with otherclans. The simplicity of the gameplay and the eye-catchinggraphics, the sympathy of the units, and the ability to chat with members of the clan or playersaround the world made the Clash of Clansfamousacross the globe.

Althoughmanyplayershavebeeninteracting with ClashRoyaletoday, Clash of Clanscontinues to be an addictive game.


At this time thereis no game in the world that can be compared with ClashRoyale. Ithasbeenable to involve people of allages. The whole world playsthismasterpiece, and the team keepsupdatingit to makeitfunnier.

Lately, with the arrival of the “Clan Battle” mode, playershavestartedgettingstuck to their small screens, fightingtogether with clanmatesagainstotherplayers.

Althoughitis the directdescendant of Clash of Clans, and theyhavemanythings in common, the games are different, and eachonehasitsownpersonality.

Verdict: Whatis the best game?

The verdict, with the contribution of, is a well-deserveddraw. AlthoughClashRoyaleisat the moment at the top of the world rankings and among the mostdownloadedapps, wemustn’tforgetClash of Clans, whichcontinues to be a great game followed by millions of fans. Both are 2 games whodeserve some of ours free hours, and ouradviceiskeepboth the games in yoursmartphone.

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