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Handifract Yogyakarta and Where to Find them

The idea of finding handifract yogyakarta has been long integrated to the status of the city itself as one of the most visited places in Indonesia. In terms of popularity, Yogyakarta is second to Bali; the city is not only popular among domestic tourists but also international ones. The city has been regarded by many as a heaven for handicrafts; it is literally peppered with artists and crafters, all making their own unique presentations according to the media they primarily use. Creative industry is in fact only rivaled by tourism industry, with the two commonly supporting each other to give a significant boost to the area’s general prosperity. The fact that Yogyakarta has handicrafts in abundance means that the city would not be as well-recognized as it is today without its retail therapy.

What makes handifract yogyakarta unique is its sense of personal touch and authenticity. Each and every piece of craft items is made by hand not mass-produced through a means of machineries. The authentic part of the crafts is presented through the use of traditional patterns or motifs. You can be proud of yourself for having purchased the crafts as you would never find ones like this in other parts of the world.

To bring back home some handifract yogyakarta souvenirs and present them to your loved ones means that you have those people close to your mind even when you are far away from them. Anyone would be glad receiving these gifts and they would probably want to go to Yogyakarta themselves when it is their turn to take a break from their work. So, where should you go if you want to buy these handicrafts?

  1. Malioboro and Beringharjo Market

Malioboro is a strip of street famous for offering batik in all kinds of shape. Beringharjo is where you can probably find batik fabrics for the cheapest price. The two are also spots where you can find leather crafts. Observe the stalls and you probably would find leather puppets known locally as “wayang”, room décors, handheld fans, clothes, sandals, bags, and other items crafted from the material.

  1. Kota Gede

Kota Gede is an old town south of the downtown. Here you can find everything made of silver, tortoise shells, horn, brass, and copper. The items found here vary in shape and size; you can find something as delicate as jewelries, intricately design wall decors, accessories, and even eating utensils.

  1. Kasongan

A small village 7 km away to the south of the downtown, Kasongan has been well-known as a place that produces quality earthenware and ceramics for centuries. The items found in this area are either of decorative and artistic purpose or of practical use. Additionally, this village is also where you can find crafts made of wood as well as rattan.

  1. Mirota Batik

Located in the famous Malioboro Street, this modern store sells everything from antiques to modern accessories. Masks are also one of the preferred items to be purchased from this store.


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