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Waterfalls of Lombok and Accommodations around the Spots

There is a chance that you never knew about Waterfalls Of Lombok. And that is quite alright to be honest. Before we continue on with that subject, there is one thing that needs to be made clear first: Lombok is an island in Indonesia. From this premise, there are a lot more things emerge. If you are an Indonesian, you would be forgiven to have missed the many waterfalls in the island. When you travel to Lombok, your attention might have been directed toward its beaches, which are comparable to those of Bali. If you are a foreigner looking to find another place to visit in Indonesia, it would be wonderful if you have already known about the Island’s existence at all. Generally, international tourists know less about places in Indonesia other than Bali—especially when said tourists are only one-time visitors. So, if you happen upon this piece as part of your research before going to Indonesia, know that the country has even more things to offer you. The waterfalls mentioned above are only one of the things to enjoy. Traveling to Lombok Island is something that provides you with a different kind of leisure.

In Bali, you are presented with east-meet-west kind of holiday. As such, it is a given that you encounter more hectic holiday scenes there. Lombok Island, on the other hand, provides such a holiday experience that is more tranquil. In other words, you get a toned-down version of Bali while you stay in Lombok. By taking a Waterfalls Of Lombok tour package, you are served with an experience that is even more peaceful. The reason for this is because the waterfalls are secluded; they are often set on top of a cliff or a hill. Some of the waterfalls are easily accessible while some others require you to go on a hiking trip before being able to arrive at the scene. Tiring? Maybe; but the sweat resulted from the trip is definitely paid off once you see the waterfall with your own eyes. Take off your hiking shirt and get into that swimsuit and splash down the refreshing clear water of the pool right under the waterfall to refuel your body. Taking the aforementioned tour package is also the easiest possible way to enjoy the waterfalls as you do not have to be bothered with thinking about how to get to the spots and what activities to enjoy while being there. Top ten waterfalls recommended for you are:

  1. Tetebatu
  2. Sekeper
  3. Kawangan
  4. Umar Maya
  5. MangkuSakti and MangkuKodek
  6. JaranKurus
  7. Tiu Pituq
  8. Semporonan
  9. Tiu Ngumbak
  10. BenangStokal and BenangKelambu

Waterfalls Of Lombok hotels are available if you wish to stay near the spot. Resorts and guest houses are also available, further providing you with flexible selection of accommodation to better suit your budgetary concerns. However, these accommodations may be available at the more popular waterfalls. Less popular waterfalls or the ones with hard accessibility may not have any although it is possible to contact the locals and rent their room for a couple of nights. Try logging on to your trusted booking website to help you get the best accommodation prior to your arrival.

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